Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Review: Across The Universe

Yesterday, my mom called bs on my perpetual procrastination by actually asking for her movie back. About a month ago, she lent me "Across The Universe" to see and I still hadn't gotten around to watching it. By the way, I'm not mentioning how long I've had "The Departed" sitting in my To Watch pile. I can tell you right now (or when you read this because technically right now is right now for me and not right now for you - just sayin') that Derry just said, "She still hasnt seen it?!?!" and rolled his eyes at me.

Ok back to the movie review...the movie is entertaining and engaging, not to mention a love story/musical - which basically hits all of my happy spots when it comes to doing something on a Sunday afternoon. If you don't know what the movie is about, its love story between a boy from Liverpool (Jude) and an American girl (Lucy) set in New York during the Vietnam war era. The musical part comes courtesy of the Beatles and their songs. I have to say that I have a new found respect for their music, its one thing to sing along to their songs on the radio and another thing to watch them come alive up on the screen.

The moment of the afternoon, though did not come from the movie but from my mother. While watching the movie, the group of friends go to a party where they are offered some punch. Then it gets all trippy and they are all on a bus going somewhere. Now, this is where it got weird - my mom...I'm not even going to try to explain, I'm going to try to type out verbatum what she told me.

Mom: Do you understand that mija?
Me: Understand what mom?
Mom: Back then, they would have people drink the punch and they'd put LSD in it to make them high. When someone takes drugs, its called "a trip". They are on the bus and its a metaphor for being on the drugs.

Side note to my brother: she did this like the 3rd time she woke up during the movie.

This was basically my reaction:

I mean...what the hell can I say?

I couldn't figure out what was more disturbing - that my mom felt the need to explain this to me or the fact that she actually knows these terms, in English! There are times where I really don't want to know about her past - really I DON'T. I know we have gotten to this bonding time where I share more than I used to and I see her as a friend but dear god - she still my mother! The great thing is that one day, I'm totally going to show this blog to Jake and its going to screw him up just as much and I CANT WAIT!!!

The movie is very entertaining but I'm glad I didn't run out to see it in the theaters. Maybe if I was in another generation where the Beatles had influenced me more, I could see why someone would LOVE the film (cough, my mom, cough) but I think it was good.

Final Rating: Rental

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