Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Would You Like A Side Of Gore With Your Coffee?

As I was reading an article about an explosion at a construction site in San Diego, I noticed something odd. On the right, they had the "Most Popular Slideshows" listed from the news website. That wasnt the odd part...the odd part that four of these posts had a "Warning: Disturbing Images" label.


I get that the disclaimer has to be on there but there are four stories that have this!

Its not even 10:30am and people are already looking at pictures of dead bodies? And yes, you bet your ass I looked at the pictures and I gotta say, they aren't THAT distubing. They have most of the image distorted. But, if you compare those pictures to what they show on the spanish news channels...now there are some actual distubing pictures. Every now and then, you get lucky because you get to actually see blood splatter!

I think I've seen one too many episodes of The Shield.

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mr_g said...

It's not the TV....you live in LA! I didn't appreciate that perspective until I moved to Connecticut where the police actually respond to auto accidents with no injuries or major damage!

Been a while...hope you're well!