Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is it a Virgo thing?

I dont know what it is about today but its like the claws are out! Both my boss and I are in a mood (and both Virgos) - god help anyone that comes to interview for a job today. One person isnt getting past us because she asked to validate her parking - not to say we are really mean but it was the way she asked that made her lose that valuable 2nd interview. So I started to think if it was our sign that was making us all bitchy today - so I scoped out the horoscopes...

MSN says:
Virgo - Sun Sign
You might be experiencing a great deal of emotional confusion today, dear Virgo. There is a debate brewing inside you that is having a hard time deciding whether to pursue the practical, or the more fanciful. Looking to others for help may only add to the pot of confusion that is stewing on the back burner, so take other people's advice with a grain of salt. If nothing seems clear to you, then wait out the storm and proceed when you have a better handle on the weather.

Yahoo says:
Quickie:Healthy ambition doesn't just apply to careers. Aim high in your relationships, too.
Overview:Feel like you won the cosmic lottery? Well, that's no surprise. Everything really is going your way -- from finding the last seat on the bus to free tickets to a concert, expect the unexpected. It will be delightful.

CaliforniaPsychics (the best company EVER!) says:
Certain loved ones could really be seeking your attention today. And you should be getting more appreciation for your own originality and creativity right now. So don't be afraid to express yourself in some highly original and unusual ways. A friend or loved one could be surprising you in some way today.

Daily Horoscope says:
You'll enjoy getting together with your friends. You'll be feeling quite popular! Partners will be on the same wavelength now. Getting independent advice is recommended now to monitor your investments.

I know I know - entertainment purposes only.


madman said...

I'm a Leo. We are not supposed to get along--but I can't believe that! Your picture is on my blog. I voted for you!

mr_g said...

Well, at least the different psychics advice was all consistent....oh, wait....