Saturday, February 11, 2006

To The LA Kings

While I get ready to embark on my hockey weekend with not one, but TWO hockey games this weekend, I'd like to make a short statement to the players of the LA Kings...


You guys have been on an 8-game losing streak and as much as you'd like to get to those precious two weeks off for the Olympic break - it pains me to watch you guys give up bullshit goals, not connect on passes, and take unnecessary penalties. So here are a few things you need to work on:

1) Penalties - I'm as much of a fan of taking down the other guy but you guys are getting caught for stupid stuff! I'll admit if Mr. Magoo is the ref then he has a personal vendetta but really be sneakier.

2) The Need to Score - let me say this once...PASS IT TO THE NET! On a power play you guys pass it to one another as if the penalty is something for YOU to kill and not the other way around. In order to score, you need to shoot the puck at the actual net, it ain't gonna do it on its own.

3) SHOOT THE PUCK! Ok, so I lied, I am saying it again.

4) Getting the Lines Back Together - I'm sure that getting the guys back from injury has hurt the dynamic a bit but thats what practice is for. Get it together! I'm having more fun watching the 5 yrs olds crash into one another in between the periods.

That is all.

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mr_g said...

I used to be a huge King's fan when I was a kid...ok, so that was 1972 - 1978 or so, back when they still wore gold and purple and played at the "fabulous" Forum. And your post brings back memories of what we used to complain about 30 years ago! Back then, they made the playoffs most years, but never got far. Rogie Vachon was the goalie (loved him) and the team stars included Butch Goring, Bob Nevin and later, Marcelle Dionne. Now, I wouldn't recognize a Kings' player's name if it were tatooed on my arm! I think six years of working in a major league ballpark jaded me on sports forever! It's nice to see that while the names and uniforms have changed, the bitching remains the same!