Monday, February 13, 2006

Not in My House!

Ahh - seems like the Kings read my blog and were properly motivated for the weekend! Kings beat the Chicago Blackhawks in OT on Saturday, more importantly they rallied to beat Dallas 6-5 on Sunday.

If that doesnt make a good blog entry, this story will....

I'll be damned if some white trash from Dallas didnt buy tickets behind me for the Sunday game. Now I dont mind a little trash talking between fans in the stands, that is what part of the fun is - but this family of inbreds were fucking trashed by the time I got there (literally at like 1:10pm with the game starting at 1pm). While entering the arena, we hear that the Stars score so the white trash bunch (WTB from now on) are on their soapbox. Seriously whatever - it only matters what happens at the end of the game - right? So the score stays pretty close during the 1st period and when we score our 2nd goal (and take the lead) Mike does his thing, the whole "He shoots, he scores, hey Turco - YOU SUCK!" Well for some reasons the WTB took exception to this and started bad mouthing Mike and called him names. Seriously - when the Stars tied it up, they mocked Mike and did the whole shouting thing against us. There was a huge fight and we ended up on a power play because the goalie (Turco) decided to get in on it and stuff, well the girl behind me started really cursing about the whole thing and I'm standing there with Jacob -so I turn around and ask (tell) her to please watch the language because of Jacob (NOTE: I curse around my kid a lot, to the point where I have to give him a dollar every time he catches me but on top of how disrespectful all around these people were being, I didnt mind becoming bitchy mommy). She gave me a look - this WTF look. Now, its not like she was saying "F-that" and left it...oh no, she put a string together a few times..more like "Mother Fuckers, cant tell any of those asshole shitheads to get their fucking act together" Oh yeah. So she turns to her peroxide headed mother and mullet wearing father and gives them a look. You know how you KNOW people are talking about you? Yeah, thats how it was "What did she say?" "Who does she think she is?" Well there was a goal that was being reviewed and I looked up at that TV's in the pressbox behind my seats to check out what was going on. They said "What the fuck is her problem?" Seriously, I'm not look at them, I'm looking over them, finally Mullet man turns around and says "Oh, she's watching the TV" but by that time, I had had enough. Instead of getting into it with them, I opt to be the bigger person (coward) and move seats (flee the area). Really, it had crossed the line when they were mocking Mike, since Jacob just loves him I couldnt handle him hearing the crap they were saying. So I make a big deal about moving, I didnt wait in between periods, I waiting for the whistled grabbed my shit and moved. Everyone is like WTF happened!??! So I told them and we all glared over at the WTB as we made comments, faces, and was really high school and petty (it was awesome). So now there was a divide because I wasnt the only person that abandoned the area, this guy and his daughter had also left. So we go into the 3rd period and we are down 5-2 - and yes with every goal they got louder and more obnoxious. But Karma has a funny way of slapping you in the face, and the WTB got theirs when our team came back and won 6-5. We would chant TURCO and Jacob would say TURKEY in between plays and whenever we scored - we ALL did the Mike thing. I know it urked them and it didnt help when I said really loud "Damn 4 unanswered goals! That must be hard to swallow."

Lessons Learned:
1. Dont talk shit at the beginning of the game - only matters what the score is at the end.
2. Those little black boxes behind you are called televisions and those things they kept showing over and over again are replays - thats what we are looking at - NOT YOU!
3. Your goalie does suck.
4. Don't mess with anyone is our section.

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Anna said...

Yeah!! Leave it to the white trash rejects to finally unite our section and Mike finally got the participation from us that he's been looking for all season (fuck I hope he doesn't expect it all the time now!)