Friday, February 03, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Brokeback Mountain

I finally got a chance to go see the Heathy/Jakey love story. I went last night with my coworker (and new buddy) Rozanne and not only did we have a great time in a secret bar we now are going to frequent, but got a chance to experience the Brokeback Mountain together. Let me say that its not as awesomely great like everyone says it is – well in my opinion. It was good, really good, but it wasn’t OMG great. I think that I’m a rather open minded person and we all know there is a love scene in this movie – and I was cringing behind my sweater when it happened. I think it was because they just put it out there – not a long seductive scene but WHAM! THERE IT IS! So the fact that I was caught off guard I’m sure had something to do with it. Rozanne said the girls next to her giggling also kind of threw off the mood. Now for a not so in-depth analysis of the movie: I tend to agree with Gene Shalit’s review that Gyllenhaal’s character was a sexual predator. BTW – he actually apologized for his review after coming under fire from GLAAD un-fucking-believable, seriously no one else saw that Jack was wanting Ennis to give up his life for him and when he didn’t get his way he went elsewhere to be “satisfied” HELLO!??! Mexico! That’s what predators do – if they are hunting and don’t catch the first game, the go to the next one AND THAT’S WHAT JACK DID! I have to admit that I reached my breaking point (of crying) when Ennis found the shirt. That truly did it. Ranks right up there for me like when Sally Field breaks down in the cemetery in Steel Magnolias and Barbara Hershey asks Bette Midler to take her out of the hospital in Beaches. It was a good love story – I thought that Heath Ledger did a spectacular job in his role, Jakey was good, I don’t know why Michelle Williams got nominated for her 10 minutes in the movie. I wish the movie luck, because it was groundbreaking – but that doesn’t mean that it’s the greatest ever.

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mr_g said...

Hven't seen it but heard it was good...though I heard the "love scene' involves a blumpkin....reallY??? That's just foul, if so. Not that I have anything against opeople who are into blumpkins....but it's just not my scene!