Thursday, February 09, 2006

The New Sheriff In Town!

Last night was a really good LOST episode – Here are some things that were caught in the show:

1) Yes, that was Kate’s mom who was the waitress in the café where Sawyer met up with his partner.
2) The manuscript that Hurley was reading actually has a description on Amazon.
3) Just for here and type in gary troup. Gary Troup is the author of the manuscript that Hurley found...Gary Troup is also an anagram for PURGATORY. OOOOHHHH
4) My favorite and a reason why I'm brushing up on my French: When Sayid was showing Hurley how he fixed the radio, he got the French woman and he assumed it was the same looping message they had received before. It wasn't. The message did not loop, and translated said something along the lines of "I need help. Meet me at the Black Rock."

Thats it for now - I actually have lots of work to do this morning.

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