Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laughing At Myself - Once Again...

I laugh at myself a lot. Some people have seen me just lose it at a joke that happened in my head and I just couldn't spit out the punchline. Its gotten to the point with some friends that they just shake their heads at me and say "That's Melissa". Apparently, Jake has gotten used to his mother's tendencies as well.

We were at Target on Monday and Jake had earned himself some Pokemon cards. After picking out the cards and picking up some other things, we headed to the registers to pay for our loot. Since Jake had earned money by doing some chores, I decided to give him some cash so he could pay for the cards himself. Because I usually give him exact change, this was going to be a new experience because I purposely gave him more money so he could figure out what to give the cashier. The cashier tells him the total and I tell Jake to give him $6. Jake looks at me and says, "How much is $6?" and I say "Jake, just count the money." And then I say under my breath, "Its Monet, Count the Monet!" and I just started laughing, hard. Jake did this slow turn and looked at me and then - rolled his eyes! I just couldn't believe it! Don't get me wrong, the fact that my child is as sarcastic as I am is quite entertaining but its one of those things that you don't want to admit that you are the dork in the relationship.

In case you need a refresher in the Count the Money department...

Thank goodness for Mel Brooks.

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