Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolutions, the 2008 edition

I figured the best way to set up my goals for this year is to review what I have accomplished from the past. I looked back through the blog and I guess I haven't really made any resolutions since 2006. Go figure. Funny thing is that I'm still working on some of those!

Ok - quick recap:
Get a laptop - done
Take Tango lessons - done
Get my passport
Refresh my French - I actually worked on this!
Volunteer with Habitat with Humanity
Read at least one book a month - ongoing
Learn how to shoot a gun

Here is my 2008:
1) Learn how to shoot a gun - I don't know why this is number one but it is. Its not that I'm looking forward to joining the NRA or anything but I've always wanted to at least learn how to do it. I've already done my research and know where to go. Maybe this will help me with the shooting games on the Wii so Jake will stop kicking my ass.
2) Be a better cook - now, I'm not shabby but I realize that sometimes I make the same things a lot. Which is fine but I want to expand on my culinary talent. A while back, I bought a friend a cookbook called The Silver Spoon which is considered the Italian Bible of cookbooks. I was recently talking to him and he was telling me how every single recipe is a great treat to make and eat. Damn, back to Boarders.
3) Go to Italy - I've been wanting to go forever and dammit I'm going to go!
4) Get my passport - see #3
5) Refresh my Italian - see #3, back to Boarders!
6) Volunteer more - its good for the soul and I miss doing it.
7) Upgrade my look - tone up and get a mini-makeover. I'm kind of excited about doing this, except for the whole shopping thing. I should hire someone to do it for me. Whats funny is that I had mentioned this my friend last month and she was really excited about getting me to go on a shopping spree. And I mean so excited that I was kind of insulted. Its like when someone tells you "Wow, you look really nice today!" and you take it like you don't usually look nice.
8) Not be an idiot - easier said than done.
9) Be more sociable - its not that I'm not sociable but I don't like meeting new people. Its a comfortability thing I guess. If I'm introduced to someone by a friend, I feel that they have been screened and half the work is done. For some reason, I find this resolution filled with irony since half of my job is to interview people for my company.
10) Be Timely - I need to "get organized" and do things in a timely way this incorporates so much. I'm a huge procrastinator, its horrible and whats worse is that I'm very aware of it and still don't change it. I also tend to run late (duh, procrastination).


KarenSeeta said...

You forgot 8A: Not to let others treat you like an idiot. :)

Ellen said...

#8 cracks me up. My #8 would be "stop spilling food on yourself" which is a virtually impossible task.

Regarding #2, to become a better cook, seriously, it all takes practice. I have a few girlfriends who NEVER cook and have put "learn to cook" on their New Years resolution list. To accomplish this, I suggested a monthly dinner where everyone is required to bring something homemade. How about an idea like that? BTW, I also have The Silver Spoon, and while I quite like it, it's humongous size is a little unwieldy. It's a good staple Italian cookbook, though.

Go to Italy when the dollar is stronger. That might not happen until after the November election though. Freakin' Euro is kicking our ass and we only have ourselves to blame.

melissa said...

Yes Karen - Not letting anyone treat me like an idiot is a good one!

Ellen - yeah the idiot thing can be taken so many ways.

I've built up a little cookbook collection but my pantry can't keep up. I had an ex boyfriend who loved to cook and it became a competition to see who could make better stuff. Damn him - I still crave his chili!