Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meeting Up With The Meetups

This weekend, I was determined to try to fulfill one of my new year's resolutions, #9 to be specific - be more sociable.

So last night, a couple of friends joined me at karaoke in West LA where 5 meetup groups were converging to create quite the evening of socializing and bad singing. Let me say - total fun! Ended up meeting some really nice people and I got to sing in front of strangers. A good night overall.

This morning, I attended another meetup and went on a hike up Eaton Canyon in Pasadena. The hike is about 2 miles each way and your reward is seeing the cute waterfall in the canyon. A couple of the people that were at the karaoke event the night before, were also at the hike - so it was nice that I didn't know ANYONE there. In addition, I got to know a few of the people during the hike to and from the waterfall. When we got to the waterfall, one of the guys that I had been talking to kept saying that he wanted to jump into the little area at the base of the waterfall. This other guy and I egged him on and each of us offered to buy him two beers (each) if he'd jump in. I'll be damned if the guy actually took off all of his clothes (except the undies of course) and jumped in! He was followed by a couple of the other hikers who jumped in fully clothed. On the hike back, he made a comment about how everyone was shocked that he took off his clothes to jump in. I laughed because yes, it would be the most logical thing to do so you arent soaked on the walk back but, stripping down in front of strangers is what people were more shocked about. Ahh the memories.

And since I know you are thinking it - yes, I almost fell in...twice while jumping on the rocks in the river bed. I actually have a little scrape on my hand to prove it!

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Ellen said...

Good for you! There are a few of my girlfriends whom I've been trying to get out of their comfort zones. I was thinking about going to a few Yelp events. I didn't know about Sounds fun!