Monday, June 09, 2008

Botox Watch

The city has been littered with advertisements for a new series on USA called "In Plain Sight". I'm sure you've seen the pictures - its of Mary McCormack lookin' all rough and tough with her US Marshall's badge on her waist. I have to say that I really like Mary, I loved her on the West Wing and in Mystery, Alaska (shut up, its a good movie) and I knew I would love her on this show.

Here is the thing....ever since the posters started popping up all over the place, the one thing I've noticed over and over again are those lips! Its like they didn't even bother making sure the inflammation went down before the shutter started going. Sometimes, it actually looks like she has a little shelf on her upper lip.

I've watched the first two episodes of the series and I mean I like it but the story line is rather predictable and her family is extremely annoying. I actually found myself fast forwarding through the 2nd storyline while watching it this morning.

Anyways, I put it to my blog it just me or are those lips a little "off"?


kamor said...

I agree on all counts. The thing that's sad though, is I've kind of come to expect to see older white chicks with terrible looking lips. I guess I gotta get out of LA for a bit.

And I watched the first half of the pilot episode. I wanted to like it (cause I kinda dig her too, and I was feeling the premise) but that shit sucked. It had too many campy moments to be a good drama... but those moments weren't actually funny, so I wouldn't call it a comedy-drama either.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter where you go--just about any older white female will get her lips shot up w/Collagen (cow skin or fat from the abdomen/thighs)...its disgusting! AND I'll have to agree w/Kamor--the show sucks!

Anonymous said...

Cute actress.
Bad plastics.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I just started watching In Plain Sight S2 and the first thing I noticed were her lips and I thought they couldn't be natural. I think with all the people getting lip botox in LA I won't go there. I'm 53 and happy as can be with mine. If someone says I'd look good with botox I punch them in the mouth, watch their lips swell up, and ask them if they find that to be an improvement.

plastic surgery said...

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Anonymous said...

I just saw a few reruns of "in plain sight" & was so distracted the entire time by Mary McCormack's messed up upper lip. God I hope that's just a coligen injection because if that's an implant holy s#$% that would be sad. But these women do it to themselves. I mean really WTF are they thinking? To be honest the shows so predictible I prob wouldn't like it but I can't tell, I'm to distracted trying to figure out why Chuck Liddel kicked her in the mouth!

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