Monday, June 09, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Over the weekend, Jake started complaining about a loose tooth. Yesterday, my drama queen of a son decided to cancel all plans for the day and sit about the apartment watching tv and holding ice to his sore mouth, eating only soup and pudding. Tonight, we decided to have pizza for dinner. After the 3rd bite, the pizza bit back and Jake's tooth came out.

This perfectly natural event in my adventures in parenthood never ceases to amaze me. The shock on Jake's face that came after he pulled the tooth out of his mouth kind of caught me off guard. I was torn between finishing my pizza and taking him to the bathroom so he could rinse his mouth out. Finally, he went to bed - all excited about the tooth fairy coming to take his tooth away and I dont know what I'm more pre-occupied about.

The fact that I'm not at all prepared for this tooth coming out today. Do you think he would mind if I paid him out of the laundry quarters? I think it would blow my cover if I wrote him a check.


That I got this in my head as the image of the tooth fairy:

Lucky for me, I didnt show this to Jake or he might have put the tooth back in his mouth.

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mr_g said...

Well, Black Sabbath did warn us that Faeires wear boots - now I guess I gotta believe it. Damn, Melissa, that pic is enough to scare a kid into brushing his teeth in his sleep!