Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pardon Me While I Lose My Shit

Why the fuck would the LA Kings trade Michael Cammalleri to Calgary?




This guy actually scores goals!!! Do they actually believe that this move will actually increase their chances at getting the cup? First they fire their coach; then they buy out their goalie (which I actually approve of because he sucked ass so disregard that second point).

People, I still haven't gotten over some trades from the last two years and now this? Not to mention that my beloved Matty Norstrom actually retired!

So who is going to become coach? Who are they going to get to mind the net? Are we still calling this a "rebuilding year"? Probably, just making sure.

At least this made my decision about buying season tickets this year an easy one. PASS.

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mr_g said...

Wow. I don't know any of those names! I was really into the Kings big-time back in the 70' the days of Rogie Vachon, Butch Goring, Marcel Dionne etc. Now, I don't think I could name one professional hockey player. I suppose I could get lucky and say "Guy' and then pick a popular french-canadian name, but really.....