Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Silence Never Sounded So Good

A new reality series premiered tonight called "I Survived A Japanese Gameshow". I have to admit that I have a sweet spot for shows where I cheer for these people to fail for my enjoyment; we all know my love for Ninja Warrior - right? Well, this new show isn't the greatest, but it has it moments. The weak part is that its an elimination show like Survivor and not a weekly competition show where you get a new batch of contestants every week. So on a certain level, you have to watch every week to keep up on the underlying story but quite frankly, I'm only going to be watching for the challenges.

Anyhoo, I got to thinking about Japanese game shows and actually came across an article on NPR about these same Japanese game shows! It was like kismet. The author posts his Top 3 Japanese game show videos and I have to say that #2 is the best. I assume that this is a game show or part of a show - not sure about that part. Its called Silent Library and the premise is that these 6 people are in a library and they flip cards to find out what the "punishment" is. They each draw a card and the person with the odd card has to receive the punishment. The trick is because they are in the library they have to take the punishment quietly and the other participants have to stay as quiet as possible. Take a looksie at what I'm going to be downloading onto my iPod.

And no...I don't know why the black guy is on a Japanese game show.

On top of that - I found this video that gives that one a run for its money.


mr_g said...

Those Japanese game shows are nuts. Totally crazy.

kamor said...

the one guy in the middle who kept getting the odd card is classic! and i'm going to have to find myself a slapping machine.

Kostas said...

Yeah the slapping machine was the best of all :)