Monday, June 30, 2008

Playing Catch-Up With The Movie Reviews

Its not like I've actually been going to the movies every week, but none the less...

Sex and The City - Contrary to SOMEONE'S opinion that this movie was going to blow, it didn't. For someone, like me, that LOVED the series - this movie hit the spot. It felt like I was watching 5 episodes all in a row. You bet your ass I'm going to add this one to my collection.

Waitress - I got this one courtesy of Netflix and I have to say that on the one hand, it was a cute movie on on the other hand, it kind of annoyed me. Nathan Fillion is sooo cute - but not as cute as he was as Captain Mal in Firefly (have you seen that series, omg you should). My favorite character turned out to be the director/writer of the movie who was murdered before the movie was chosen for Sundance. Very sad. Anyways, the movie had a moment that as a mom, I totally and completely related to. and thats all I'm saying about that.

Kung Fu Panda - It was truly had its moments. I can't really think of anything else about it because, frankly, I forgot that I actually saw this movie.

Wall-E - Ohhh Wall-E. I walked in with really high expectations and I think that what killed it for me. The movie is good and very entertaining (with a moral even!) and Wall-E as a character I LOVED him. BUT the story was just a little disjointed, it was like they tried to put too much into. And yes....I cried while waching this cartoon but I dont care! You would understand if you got to know Wall-E too. I have to give this movie a 2nd shot.

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mr_g said...

Hey, I remember that show Firefly. My friend's brother was the exec producer - very cool show, just not real mainstream, but I totally dug it. I mean, what's not to love about Cowboys in space?