Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attempts to Recover

I really don't like the randomness that viruses hit people. Colds, flu, stomach flu...its all so whatever. When it comes to me though, I've noticed that I'm losing my voice a lot more frequently than I used to. Which actually isn't that bad when you are at home alone. However, it does become a pain when people are calling you to check up on you and you really dont have the energy (or voice) to have any sort of conversation other than "Hi, I'm sick, ok, uh-huh, ok, bye". Kostas sent me this awesome e-card that pretty much sums up what I've come to realize what sick days are, days to "Eat, Sleep, and Relax"

In that spirit, I made a hamburger soup on Saturday afternoon and have had enough left over to feed me all weekend.

I've relaxed by watching the movies below:
Season 2 of 30 Rock - I swear that show is so funny, if you haven't started watching it, I highly recommend it.
Smart People - it took awhile for me to get into the movie but when I pulled back I finally got into it. I liked it but didnt love it.
Victor/Victoria - Ok I've seen this movie about 20 times and the ending always cracks me up.
The Squid and the Whale - Yeah...I tried to watch it with the "its an independent film" and thought maybe I wasnt "smart" enough to get it. I got it and did not like it. I liked what they tried to do with it but above all I didnt like the characters, I hated the father (especially) and the older son. I always feel that if I cant cheer for the characters, there is no point to watch the movie.
Stranger Than Fiction - I've seen this movie before and always end up watching it when its on cable. I just really enjoy it and its one of those movies I always forget to buy when I see it in the store.
Dan in Real Life - This was on my Netflix queue and I saw it on cable and jumped on the chance to see it. The funny thing is that I thought Catherine Keeler was in this movie and kept waiting for her to come out. Movie ended and no Catherine! I know that its my own mini dorkiness but since its my blog I figured I shared. By the way, I really liked the movie.

Since there were times when channel surfing was the only thing to watch, I ended up catching the finales of the following movies:
Enchanted - This is one of those movies that I was happy to have a child to drag to. It's cute enough to make me cry (lets be real, when don't I cry) and campy enough to make me laugh.
Dirty Dancing - I gotta say, this was one of those moments where I actually said "Oh! Oh! Oh!" I turned to the movie right when Johnny says "No one puts Baby in the corner!"
Philadelphia - I turned to the movie right after the verdict was given. Well, if you've seen the movie you know what happens. :(

On top of all that movie goodness, I also finished a scarf and started making a hat. I've never made a hat, so lets see how this sucker comes out. Lets cross our fingers people!

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