Thursday, October 09, 2008

Talking Politics

I got my sample ballot today. I can't tell you how excited I am about receiving it. Its like the countdown has officially begun. I've already made my decision about some of the races and measures. But others, I still have some research to do until I can render my verdict.

I have to admit that I've never been so riveted and so vocal about any election as I am with this one; so much so that I'm actually considering being a poll worker this election day. Yes, 4 years ago I walked around a VERY Republican workplace saying how Bush was the WORST choice and was met with angry jeers and not-so-nice retorts. Today, I'm surrounded by many, many of my fellow Dems and sit back and watch most of Republicans and undecideds the drink this Palin worship inducing kool aid and ask myself - WHY?!?!?! WHY are you guys buying this BULLSHIT?!?!?

Here was my defining moment with Dubya and why I dislike, distrust, and disrespect him: if he were to envoke the draft to supply the military personnel to fight the war he ILLEGALLY launched, would he allow his daughters to go? The answer is no! He would send them off somewhere where they would evade the draft! He would hide behind some policy and yet force other families to send their children, siblings, or parents off to war. Some may say "Well, it was really Dick Cheney and Karl Rove pulling the strings" Really? You REALLY think that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES would allow himself to be hoodwinked?!?!? I don't think so. Thats my major sticking point (among many, many points) with Dubya.

Now, I actually respect the fact that McCain served in the military. I respect that he was in the House of Representatives for 4 years and then has been a Senator for 20 years. No doubt he has a plethera of experience and knowledge to share. He's promoting himself as a Maverick (take a shot people!) which may be true because he has always been on the brink of walking away from the Republican party. Thats not being a Maverick, thats being not committed. I think that this year was his "turn". Four years ago, he got pushed out of the race because of a smear campaign by Dubya. By the way, where is Dubya's support? Oh yes...they dont want him around. More harm than good. If you can't trust your own party who can you trust right? By the way - are you aware that most of Bush's advisors are moving over to McCain's campaign? (p/s he needs to stop calling me his friend - me no likey)

Enter Sarah Palin. Palin has been great comedy fodder for, well everyone. She promotes herself to be one of us. Someone who Americans can relate to and therefore should vote for her because one of us will be in the White House. First of all, she is not like me. HELL NO. I don't know about any of you but I dont want someone like me in the White House! I want someone smarter, a more creative thinker, more decisive, and many things that I want my LEADER to be. Someone who can fix the economy, not have issues like I have with my checkbook and impulsive spending. I don't want her representing what I believe in because we DO NOT believe in the same things. Equality, Reproductive Rights, Protecting the Environment...should I continue?

Now Joe Biden. I just have to say that Joe Biden reminds me of that uncle that I would run to if I was in a shitload of trouble and needed help fast. He would listen to me ramble about what happened then help as best he could. Thats a man I want supporting my President!

Have you figured out who I'm voting for? If its still not clear, here is a little something I picked up last weekend and is sitting in my apartment window.

Go out this November 4th and exercise your right to vote!

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kamor said...

i'll simply say... amen sister.