Friday, October 31, 2008

My Pippi-licious Day

Oh where do I begin? I guess at the beginning is as good of a place as any.

My Halloween costume this year was Pippi Longstocking. Now, knowing me, I started planning this costume about a week ago and had to do some initial preparation. The two major portions of my planning were my dress and how I was going to get my braided hair to stick out. After a successful trip to the Goodwill store - I was done with my dress only having to add a few details. Next was the task of figuring out how to get my hair to do what it needed to do. I used a suggestion from a coworker to add some coat hangers to a headband and VOILA! Pippi braids are born!

This morning I get up early to get ready. I put the headband with wires on and a funny thing happened. I couldnt walk through the doorways in my apartment. I found this to be really hilarious and the hilarity ensued when I tried to paint my hair red with some costume hairspray out in my back patio...alone...using one mirror...and trying not to get much on myself. On to the rest of the costume - with the hair finished, the freckles added, the pirate hat on - I was on my way to work. Until I get to my car and I dont fit in my car because of the hat and the hair is hindering...well everything. I couldn't stop laughing that I had to call Kostas to share.

I arrive at work and my coworker can't stop laughing at me. And I mean anytime I walk by her desk she is cracking up. It was pretty funny actually. And this is what she was laughing at:

In the picture, you can't really tell how the headband and the wires are but let me tell you that the wires are kind of digging into my scalp and its hurting a whole hell of a lot. So much so that I had to stick little pieces of fabric underneath the wire in my hair. There was a lot of stuff going on at work, the pinnacle being our company event and costume contest (where I won Best Look-A-Like). After work, I headed straight home because 1) my head was hurting and 2) my feet were KILLING me.

I make myself dinner and sit down to relax. That is, until there was a knock at my door. I have to state that I made it a point not to turn on the light. So I get up and there are the kids asking for candy. I let them know that I didn't have any and closed the door. About 3 minutes later, another knock at the door - same routine. I'm digging into my chicken and veggies when KNOCK KNOCK...I open again and there they are - again! I bit my tongue and apologized for not having candy. I sit and get settled when KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. This time I wasnt holding back. I opened the door and they are yelling "TRICK OR TREAT!!!" And I say - "If the light isnt on - you do not knock for candy! Learn the rules!" and then I proceed to shut the door rather hard.

Here is the best part of all that - I posted "Do kids know the basic rule of Trick or Treating? If the light is OFF there is NO CANDY! I just enlightened a few 10 yr olds." on my Facebook/Myspace/Twitter accounts. I know that I have sarcastic friends but damn Gina! Maybe I was being a bit over sensitive but I thought it was funny after I realized what I had done and now people are saying that I was being mean! I almost started posting comment after comment justifying my "rudeness". Don't get me wrong - I posted a little something but I was still a little annoyed by it all.

Now - Halloween is all but over and all I have left to remind me of the day is a gift certificate for a massage and two sore feet. Happy Halloween!!

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