Thursday, December 29, 2005

Funny Things Around the Web

Since work is stressing me out beyond belief, I figured a nice breather would revitalize our minds (and the blog). Here are some things I found of interest from the web...

If you are trying to launch into a new career - how about this?

My Kings Rule! So much for Colorado being a powerhouse this year and damn, Rob Blake can be a big baby!

Ducks suck - the goalie gives up one goal and its his own teammate that scores - Selanne should have stayed in San Jose.

HOLY CRAP!!! I was reading my horoscope and they had this link to what your resolutions should be based on your sign. I freaked because one of the "suggestions" is exactly what I had planned to do.

I love Blogging LA - seriously.


I dont know about you, but this is pretty freaking cute.

I was wondering the same thing.

Is this why he sucks as our President?

I need the money - but no thanks.

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