Friday, December 02, 2005


That is how I felt most of yesterday and it has carried over into today. Why you may ask?

Remember how I posted that I'm recruiting for a blogmaster for a new website we are launching? Well I got some responses and I was really pushing for one person while someone else was making suggestions of bloggers to contact. Well we have two people coming in two weeks from now to interview for the position (my #1 and their #1). I have been saying that mine is great and just pulling for her because talking to her on the phone and reading her blog, I think she would be perfect. Not to take away from the other person, but I just think my gal would be best.

I get into work yesterday morning and one of the owners sends everyone involved in the hiring a link to an LA Times article on blogging. I dont have time to read it since I'm still reviewing emails - then I come to a second email from the big man saying that the gal on the cover is MY NUMBER ONE PICK! He even brought in a hard copy of the article with the picture of the blogger on the cover.

Sweet Sweet Victory.

Yes, that may be a bit premature but it felt good that I was on the right track AND that my taste in bloggers is a good one.


Jessica said...

You might want to take me off of your blog list then! Wouldn't want to ruin your rep! ;)

mr_g said...

So how much does a blogmaster make? Maybe I'm in the wrong business!