Thursday, December 01, 2005

Update: Mr. Happy Crack

Many of you may recall my little email exchange with the agent/bodyguard of Mr. Happy Crack and how I was promised a tshirt for my little advertisement of their ad campaign. Sydney came through my friends - today, I received a box in the mail from the Happy Crack team. I happen to call home to find out how things were and my mom told me about the box. Jacob, of course was all over the box. So I told him to go ahead and open the box for me and tell me what was in it. Here is the conversation or more like what I heard on the phone.

Jacob: Ok mom, I'm opening the package. (I like how this becomes like he's disarming a bomb)
Me: Ok, tell me whats in the box...I'm really excited you get to open it.
Jacob: Me too...ok OH MY GOD!!! There is some underwear in here...
Me: Underwear?
Jacob: Yes, like pajamas
Me: Great! (I still have no idea)
Jacob: Oh Yeah! There is a tshirt in here too!!! And another box! I have to open the other box!
Me: Uh, ok. (I can hear my mom in the background reading the shirt and saying Mr. Happy Crack)
Jacob: Its uh, something - like a toy.
Me: What kind of toy?
Jacob: I dont know, like a toy. Mr Happy Crack! Mr. Happy Crack (no kidding he starts singing some theme song for Mr. Happy Crack that he just made up)

Upon further investigation I figured that these are the things I received.

I get them tomorrow night when I see the family.


mr_g said...

Ah, nothing better than a happy crack!

azteca said...

OMG I want a Happy Crack!!

Shannon said...

You deserve all the happy crack you can get! I'm so thrilled for you. And for Jacob who got the first peek. Too funny about your mom in the background saying happy crack!!