Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year - New You

I had read on someone else's blog about a website where you can set up a profile and list your goals - little things like "learning how to weld" or "getting my MBA" and it got me thinking about the things I want for the next year. Sure I can list what I want, but what is the new year going to actually bring me? Happiness? Success? Sadness? Empowerment? I'm not really sure what it will bring me but I can sure know what I'm going to be asking for.

Before the new year dawned on my new life I needed to let the old one go - I got in my car and I ended up in Santa Monica - I parked my car and made my way in the rain through the sandy beach and stood by the shore. Watching the surfers ride the weather driven waves and the birds fly above me - I realized this the moment to let things go. The rain stopped and I stood there and told the Pacific my dreams and my goals for the new year. I told her my fears and regrets of the past year and just like the sea foam, they seemed to disappear into the waves. It felt like an eternity as I stood by the shore telling the ocean my deepest thoughts, then all of a sudden the rain began to fall again. I turned to walk back to my car and I didnt feel like I was getting wet at all. I just kept walking through the sand - feeling the steps getting lighter and lighter. My new life is starting to take form because of the new outlook. I realized then when I sat on the warm, dry seat that I was soaked. I ended up driving to the Sherman Oaks Galleria and treated myself to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Women were sitting around drinking their spring water and eating their salads, while I ate a hearty meal with chicken and mashed potatoes. I even had dessert - tiramisu cheesecake. When I left - I was full and happy and ready to face the new year.


Johnny Menace said...

you will fail. we always set the bar to high... like i vowed to stop masturbating with homemade dip. I also vowed to quit eating dip.

mr_g said...

That's a great post. Those moments are priceless. And I often eat alone in gotta treat yourself sometimes. Happy New Year!