Tuesday, January 31, 2006

TV stuff

Somehow everything that I want to post about is related to television - so its a TV centric post today!

How freaking awesome was 24 last night?!?!?! I swear I had to pee for like 45 minutes during that show and I couldnt move. Damn that President Logan is a big fat pussy. Lets just go ahead and believe that The President of the United States is going let all this shit go down. Lets give a big applause for the secret service agent that helped Jack get into see the President and confront Cummings - way to do your job man! He just scored some fan points on my end. On a side note: I recognized one of the secret service agents as someone I used to work with at Universal Studios. He was the one that told Aaron that the order to arrest Jack came from Walt Cumming's office. Good job Terry!

Flight 93
I was channel surfing and stopped on that Flight 93 based on one of the flights of 9-11. I watched it for about 10 minutes and was weeping for about 8 minutes of that time.

TV Blogs
As we know - I'm a fan of blogs. Its just fun to get into someone else's world and catch up on it without getting sucked into the major dramas (unless it proves to be entertainment). Some TV show characters have started blogs and here I am to pass them along.

Dwight from THE OFFICE and Barney from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

P/S Hysterical!


Let me state for the record that I think the BK King is freaky, like I dont even like to watch the commercials alone in the dark, FREAKY.

So why would Burger King further promote this character? I have no idea but there are pictures of him floating around with Brooke Burke having a "relationship". Part of me is finding this funny, the majority of me is still creeped out.

Nice day for a walk....


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