Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another LOST Update

Yes, I have been slacking - let it go. I've been rather busy at the ol' workplace and I have yet to shell out the mula for internet at new digs.

Moving on....


I love Hurley-centric episodes and last nights was rather interesting. On we go -

We found out that Hurley feels responsible for the deaths of two people after a deck collapses when he goes out there (deck was made for 8, 23 people were already out there...THE NUMBERS AGAIN PEOPLE!!) Apparently he went into some catatonic state and ends up in a mental institution.

He has a buddy in there named Dave


But who is DAVE really? Apparently a figment of Hurley's imagination...

"Dave's not here man..."

Then we find Libby in the asylum as well!

"Psycho Libby"

How about some coincidences that we have found? Mostly involving Hurley mind you...
Sawyer --Sawyer had a fling with the girl who pulled Hurley's winning lotto numbers.
Locke -- Locke worked for Randy at the box company which Hurley owned. Hurley also used to work for Randy.
Jin/Sun -- Hurley appeared on their television as the big time lotto winner in the USA.
Jack -- Sawyer, who boinked the lotto chick who drew Hurley's winning numbers, met Jack's dad at a bar in Australia.
Kate -- While at her fathers recruiting office, Sayid appears on the tv. Locke, who worked for Randy who was once Hurley's boss, inspected Sayid's lost loves house.
Sayid -- Locke, who worked for Randy, inspected Sayid's lost love Nadia's house.
Michael/Walt -- The comic with the polar bear came from Hurley.
Danielle -- Brought to the island by Hurley's winning lottery numbers.
The Hatch -- The computer room is called "The Dome". A similar structure appears in the comic book that Hurley was reading on the plane. Also the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) appear on the outside of the hatch, and are the code to reset the counter, and appear on the vaccine which protects against "the sickness".
Libby -- Was at the asylum with Hurley. Think she is incognito? Consider this, her name was Libby at the asylum too. Talk about hiding in the open!

Alright - more questions:
1) Maybe Locke's paralysis was caused by Hurley during that deck accident. Hurley did own the box company Locke worked at perhaps it was a company event.
2) FauxHenry talked about how he let the timer go down and he never put in the numbers last week - when that happened he heard what might have been a magnet turn on. If this is true, could that have caused the plane crash?
3) What the heck is Eko building? A church perhaps...hmmmm
4) FauxHenry freaked me out by saying "God doesnt know how long we've been here John, he can't even see this island any better than the rest of the world". What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?!? Dude - enough with the mind fucking ok. Just drill a hole in Locke's head and go at it.
5) Is Libby obsessed with Hurley or is she an other that was in the mental institution to keep an eye on Leonard - the one who originally started up with the numbers.
6) It has also been said that a) Locke's mom was at the mental institution with Hurley and b) arent these places segregated by sex? Why would Libby be in there with the men unless - SHE WAS A MAN!!!!

P/S I loved that Hurley and Sawyer went at it and that everytime Sawyer tried to crawl out from under the tarp, he kept getting pulled back and Jin was just laughing his ass off. Also loved the many one liners.

When Sawyer ends up hoarding all the food they found "I can open up a convenience store - do you think Sayid wants a job?"

Hurley when trying to leave to go live in the caves alone: 'I'm just going to be one of those people who runs around naked and throws doody at people'

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