Saturday, April 29, 2006

Matt Went #10?

What the hell? Matt Leinart went #10 overall in the NFL draft? Yes, I got up (actually, I digress, I got a phone call at 9am that woke me up, my one freaking day to sleep in and it got screwed up) and watched the NFL draft this morning. No surprise Reggie Bush was taken #2 after someone signed someone yesterday at the #1 pick. Glad to see Reggie is going to New Orleans - I'm really happy that Matt is going to Arizona but why #10!?!? Thats just an ego crusher right there.

The best part of the morning was when New Orleans announced Reggie Bush as their pick and the New York Jets fans (who had the #4 pick) were screaming at the tv cameras - "What were you thinking!?!?!" Classic! That gave me a good laugh early in the morn.

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