Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happiness Thy Name Is TiVo

Ladies and Gents,

I'd like to introduce you to a new member of my humble abode - TIVO.

I finally got the phone line installed to get the damn TiVo set up and my Friday night consisted of me following alot of pretty colored pictures to set up the Tivo to my entertainment family. Let me state that I am not really all that electronics/mechanically inclined. A lot of it has to do with coordination but most of it has to do with thinking 4 steps ahead (another flaw that comes out when I play chess). TiVo was kind enough to send this HUGE poster with pictures on how to set this up and since I got it up and running, I figure I did it really well! I have yet to check if my dvd/vcr works but who cares! I have TiVo! I even had Scott on stand-by to come by this morning to set it up just in case.

Self-Reliance 1
Dependency 0

1 comment:

mr_g said...

It's amazing what some well placed pictures in the diagram can do...