Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Aaron! DENNY!

(24 and Grey's Anatomy spoilers)


Doesnt surprise me that the President knew where Super Agent Aaron Pierce was. My favorite part of the evening was when the First Lady shot the secret service agent that was going to kill Aaron and I called Scott and all we did was scream into the phone. So what the hell are the Russians going to do with the missiles? Ponder...Ponder...Ponder. As long as Agent Pierce is good to go - I'm fine.

Grey's Anatomy
SERIOUSLY! This is absolutely the best TV show out there. Yes, I like it more than LOST. I ran the gamut of emotion as I watched the finale. In the end - I was crying, ok, weeping, I was weeping. First over a dog, then over one of my favorite characters. I couldnt believe that Denny died! Izzy was going to be happy!!! But nooo - you had to go off and give him a stroke after his heart transplant. Although I am happy that Izzy quit the program, after what she did - she doesnt deserve to be a surgeon. She allowed her feelings for Denny to cloud her medical judgement and she, basically, sent him into heart failure for him to move up on the organ donor list. And Meredith?!?! I'm not liking McDreamy at all anymore. He's a jackass that wants his cake and eat it too. He cant keep doing what he's doing to her. He may love Meredith, but he chose to be with his wife and work things out. I feel bad for Addison, she actually deserves so much better. Maybe she should hook up with McVet.

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drift said...

Seriously? Grey's Anatomy?
Most people I know + myself put it in the dead space between House, ER and Scrubs.

I was probably being quite hard, though ... the rubbish on TV these days, I tend to get quite annoyed with things.

but still