Sunday, May 21, 2006

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

What is it about sports that just brings out the somewhat bad in in me? I'm a nice person - really I am but on Friday night at the Dodger game, I was one of the most obnoxious people ever! True the Dodgers did kick some serious ass by beating the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 16-3. And Anna and I take full responsibility for this. Why do you ask? Because we were sitting right next to the Angels bullpen and when they called on the relief pitchers, they blew the game.

On yeah, we got to them.

But it wasnt just Anna and I - I dont mind being obnoxious in front of her - but I went with some co-workers...egad! See - they dont see this side of me unless I convince them that going to a hockey game is actually fun. Ok - back to the heckling. So as the relief pitcher Yan was warming up, I came up with a great line - "Its no wonder you arent a starter!". Dude, I loved that line. And screaming it really helped my cause. What also helped were all the beers I had drank throughout the afternoon/evening. After he went in to the game, he promptly gave up 5 runs. While he's pitching his little ass off, Romero starts warming up. I forget what Anna yelled at him, but even the pitching coach gave her the peace sign. Then Romero goes in and gives up 4 runs. I think it would have been the ultimate insult if we would have started comparing the Angels to the Ducks - ooohh, that would have been awesome! "The Ducks have a better record than you!" Anna has to post some of her lines - I cant recall. I seem to recall a "This aint little league - there isnt a mercy rule" too.


Anna said...

OK, some of the other lines I remember.... Oh crap the pressure and the beer haze.

"HEY!!! Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim!!!!"

As Donnelly was warming up: "Are you sure you don't want to warm up 2 at a time" - that got me the peace sign

While the game was 10-2: "Hey, you think you can still win??"

"OH.. And the Ducks suck too!!!"

There were more, but I can't remember them now.

OH MEL, how could you have forgotten our "He shoots, he scores??"

mr_g said...

I used to work at the ballpark in Anaheim back when it was called Anaheim Stadium. I still can't get used to this "Los Angeles Angels" stuff.