Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh Sweet Jebus!

Since Nocturnal Rockstar is bitching about LOST posts - here it is.

Damn that finale was pretty damn good. I dont have any time at all to post what I would like to but I will post what Kristen from EOnline posted on the message board about it. Damn them some good speculations - I got a few of them, but not all. To Scotty-Poo, thats not Jack's twin.

Of course, we ALWAYS want more info but there were some pretty fantastic reveals last night - what brought down the plane, why Desmond was there, etc. -- and most importantly, Josh and Naveen shirtless in the first two minutes!? Hello! You can't beat that with a Jesus stick!! (Though I did find it funny that Matthew kept his shirt on -- strange behavior for a nudist.)

Anyhoodles, here's what I'm thinking after last night's episode. And mind you, some of this is just speculation so take it with a heap of salt:

*Michael is gone for good. Eko and Locke will survive. Seems pretty obvious, right? They would NEVER kill off Locke or Ecko (I've already sent my threatening emails to Damon Lindelof on the matter). As I've been saying, Harold Perrineau is no longer a series regular next season (that is fact). So, it seems that Walt and Michael really will sail away. However, my hunch is that we'll see Walt again since he can "appear in places he wasn't supposed to be." Michael *could return if Harold returns as a guest star, but I know of no current plans to do so.

*Michael Emmerson (Henry Gale) should win an Emmy. No, he should win ALL the Emmys. And it seems clear now that FH (Faux Henry, not to be confused with a Future Husband) is the head of the Others on the island. However, I'm convinced that it's Daddy Widmore who is the big "Him" pulling all the strings ... from the mainland.

*That said, my *guess is that Widmore Industries (seen before in a sign on a factory in London and Sun's pregnancy test) is running the big experiment on the island, and Daddy W's (Widmore, not Warbucks) Race Around the World intentionally sent Desmond to that island to get him away from his daughter.

*Expanding on that, my theory is that Libby was in on it all along (I've smelled Eau du Other on her since day one!). Perhaps that crappy-ass, fake page-boy wig she had in the flashback was intentionally crappy-ass because she was indeed an Other (they do like that fake hair and seriously, ABC *should have the budget for a more realistic wig). 'Elizabeth' could have been a clinical psychologist working on the Dharma Initiative who was sent out in the real world (the coffee shop, the insane asylum) to get Desmond and Hurley to the island (which would explain the ridiculous coinkidink of her having a boat, and perhaps they needed to get Hurley away because he knew about the numbers from someone who had been on the island before and went berzerk). This would explain the whole thing with the backpack in 'The Other 48 Days' episode, when Cindy (flight attendant) was carrying a red backpack in one scene, then in the next, Libby was carrying it and Cindy was gone. Also, it's possible Libby wasn't even on the plane. Did we ever see her? Am I forgetting that? I'm pretty sure she just appeared in the water after the crash and later told a lame lie to Hurley that he stepped on her foot on the plane -- when she was in the tail section and he was in the fuselage, and I'm not geometry whiz but that doesn't add up.

*The Magnets: Every time the button isn't pushed it launches a deadly magnetic field which brought down the plane. And it makes the island detectable. Clearly, Penny knows of this and is using it to track down Desmond. The Brazilians (inspired by my Brazilian boyfriend, I'd like to think, since we had dinner with Damon a few months back and my B.F. told him they need Brazilians on the show - true story!) said something like “we can't miss it again,” perhaps referring to Sept 22 when the plane came down. One could guess that they are at the North or South pole where you would pick up electromagnetic frequencies more strongly. Perhaps if the island's magnetic balance isn't kept in check, the Earth's poles would go off their axis … ? Am I losing my mind?

*The bird called Hurley's name to remind us that there are mystical elements on this island that cannot be explained. And I keep thinking there's got to be something in the food - and that Hurley not eating it (it seems like he still isn't, right?) will make him hear and see things differently than everyone else. The food could be drugged. Just a thought.

*The Others might really be “Good.” Perhaps The Others are not willing participants … Just a thought. So far they have been stealing children and the “good” ones and taking them out of the game/experiment, to protect them or send them home. My sense is that the reason they're taking Jack, Kate and Sawyer is to take out the strongest players and to leave the Losties leaderless. Enter Mr. Eko vs. Locke vying for power next season …

*Charlie is evil now? Seems like it, doesn't it? If he is, I feel like it might be one of those twists that wasn't planned all along … but rather the producers finding a reason to keep Dom involved in the show because a) they love him b) he's had a crap-ass season and c) it doesn't hurt to keep your leading lady's man in happy and in Hawaii. I'm just sayin'.

*I keep waiting for the initial pitch of the show, that "Claire's baby is tied to the history of the island," to come into play. Is this why Charlie is so close to her? To keep an eye on Aaron?

*And finally, thanks to our friend Lala2460 for posting this recap of Dickens' “Our Mutual Friend” in a thread below. This is the book Desmond was carrying around and it has a pretty FITTING title, does it not? Well, turns out the storyline also ties into that Bad Twin manuscript Hurley found on the beach (which they're selling as a real book). Lala wrote: "'Our Mutual Friend' is about a rich young man named John Harmon, who while on a sea voyage to meet his future wife that his dad chose for him, meets another man who looks exactly like him (a twin!). They decide to swap identities, so that John Harmon can spy on his future wife to find out if she is worthy/see if he wants to marry her. However, after they switch clothes/identities, the lookalike guy betrays John Harmon (a BAD TWIN!!!), and tries to kill him. Unfortunately, the lookalike guy is himself betrayed by another man, who kills this bad twin in front of the real John, and then dumps the two of them in the sea. The real John survives, but the bad twin guy's body also washes ashore, and since the bad twin has John's I.D. papers on his person, the police and lawyers assume he is John Harmon, and thus declare that John Harmon is dead. Tramautized and "Lost", the real John decides he has nothing else to lose but to take on another false name, and go spy on the girl who would have been his future bride - testing her character, etc. The bulk of the novel is that.” Thanks, Lala!

See - pretty damn good, que no? I loved the episode and cant wait for next season! Damn, I should really get a book over the summer to read - BAD TWIN!?!? I'm trying to stay very far away from The Lost Online Experience Game.