Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Duck Hater

Let me first thank TiVo for being at home for me to record 24 while I accompanied some Kings fans to cheer on Calgary at the Pond against the Ducks.

Yes, I'm a hater.

I went out of my way to cheer against a cross-town rival - I spent money I should be saving on a ticket and drove to Anaheim for the game. Let me also clarify that I didnt drive, I rode and felt like I was going to die twice in that car thanks to the erratic driving of the Ducks bandwagon fan - Steve. There, I've said my peace and Anna is laughing her ass off at me. Wow what a great time we had. It would have been even better if the Flames had actually won but nooo - Ducks had to go and force a game 7. BASTARDS!

It was odd going to "another house" to watch a game. Things just arent the same. They dont have the same feeling, the beer just doesnt taste right - even though the jumbo beer cups are awesome and I've decided to collect a set for my apartment. We werent assholes like those damn Dallas fans that had to eat crow (btw - Dallas and Detroit have been eliminated - I'm so freaking happy, sorry Chad). We were smart ass fans through because we decided to mock pretty much everything that went on in that Pond. From the Fowl Towel (not kidding) that they gave us when we walked in to the arena when I asked if I could get one that said KINGS on it. The lady didnt think it was as funny as I did. Then we had to climb 4 flights of stairs to get to our section - we were gasping and grabbing on the walls asking where the escalators were and made comments about how Staples was better they had escalators. Then when the gang went out to smoke, I was saying how Staples was better because they provided us with tables and chairs to sit at. See - total hater. But it was fun.

If that was not the best part - this was.

They gave us these programs for articles and rosters blah blah blah for the playoffs - but it also had a glossary - A GLOSSARY!!! It had definitions of terms for those non-hockey enthusiasts.

Center Ice: the area between the two blue lines also called the neutral zone
Center line: a red, 12-inch wide line across the ice midway between the two goals
Empty-Net Goal: a goal scored against a team that has pulled the goalie
Rebound: a puck that bounces off the goalie's body or equipment
Save: the act of a goalie in blocking or stopping a shot
Substitution: occurs when a player comes off the bench to replace a player coming out of the game; can be made at any time and play does not need to stop.

The smart asses that we are - anytime the whistle blew we reached for the program to look up definitions for things. Anna - what did we look up? There were some really funny ones.

P/S Got a beer from Anna for getting up and screaming loud enough for Bob Miller and Jim Fox to wave at us.

Good Times - Good Times

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Anna said...


BASTARD Ducks had to go and move on to the second round. Stupid Flames. I'm officially on the Devils Bandwagon now.

Things we looked up:
pictures of penalty calls- thank GOD they provided us with pictures because when a referee holds his arm that MUST mean 2 minutes for Tripping! *eye roll*

Thanks for coming with.

I think the high light of the night though was walking back to the car and people yelling

"Go back to Canada!!!!!"
(a few of us were wearing Flames/Canada jerseys or just plain Canadian sweatshirts)

Kathy (turing around in one swift motion): "Ok, we'll take your Captain and your Goalie with us too."