Thursday, May 04, 2006

LOST - I think I crapped my pants

Thats basically how I felt the last 5 minutes of the show. No recap can do it justice - from Hurley's line about Say Anything to Ana Lucia and Sawyer getting their groove on to Libby and Hurley finding Jin on the beach (that was just plain funny).

Some interesting things where: Jack's dad meets Ana Lucia in the airport bar and asks her to go with him to Australia with him for "protection". We find out that Jack has a half sister - was it just me or did the mom look a lot like Claire? Who else liked the commercial for the Hanso Foundation?

But the big one was Michael and what he did to Ana Lucia and Libby!

Early in the episode, Henry attacks Ana Lucia and she swears to get revenge (thats why she did the nasty with Sawyer, to get his gun). She volunteers to stay in the hatch and watch over Michael and she tells him about how she wanted to kill Henry but couldnt do it. He says that he can do it, probably to get some vengence for Walt being taken, and he apologizes and then shoots Ana-Lucia! Then Libby walks in (she had gone to get a blanket for a picnic with Hurley) and Michael is startled and shoots Libby too! He goes into the locked room and looks at Henry and then shoots himself - obviously setting it up to seem like Henry shot everyone. Now here is my thing, I have been saying for weeks that I think that Henry is "The Man". I believe we have found our Kaiser Soze.

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