Friday, May 12, 2006

Shockers Of The Week - for me...

Chris getting voted off of American Idol? As much as I have the McFever - she needed to go. My support is going towards Elliot now.


I dont know how I feel that the Ducks eliminated the Avs last night. I'm glad Rob Blake wont get his hands on another cup but damn those Ducks! I have to say that they are playing really well and the their rookie goalie, Bryzgalov is pretty damn good.


There are a few athletes out there that I hate. Yes, I used the word HATE. Kobe Bryant, Mike Piazza, Mike Tyson (actually, he's one that I love to hate), and Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds tied Babe Ruth's homerun count earlier this week and now pretty much anytime he goes up to bat, he might go down in history. There is a website that encourages fans to email different ball clubs to walk Barry Bonds - I totally love it.


I cant even talk about this week's LOST. I'm still bummed about Libby dying (for Hurley's sake). I'm afraid that he's going to feel guilty and go into a similar catatonic state that sent him into the mental institution in the first place. WTF is up with Michael, that man makes me want to scream. But hell, if I had to make a deal with the devil to get the safe return of Jacob after being kidnapped by some weird people on a boat after surviving a plane crash - I would. And let me also add - me loves Eko. Just click here and watch the episode on Come back with questions.

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