Saturday, December 27, 2008

European Vacation - Taking Off

This whole holiday season has passed like a blur with me. If I wasnt distracted by wrapping up work, I was distracted by getting ready for Christmas - if I wasnt getting ready for Christmas, I was getting ready for my trip. Everyone would ask me how I was feeling about my trip and to be quite honest, I didn't really allow myself to think about it. Not that I wasn't invited but there was so much stuff to do!

Jake was none too happy about my departure and I was nervous about flying. I had never really been a nervous flyer but for some reason this trip was freaking me out a bit. I voiced my concerns to a few people and the comfort I received was not comforting - at all.

"Oh, I wouldnt worry about crashing into the ocean - I heard that if you are going to crash, the air pressure is lost so quickly that you actually lose conciousness, so you wouldnt feel anything anyways" is an example of what one person said to me. Yes, warm and fuzzy feelings all around.

Anyways, Christmas came and everything went off without a hitch. Jake cracked me up because he was tracking Santa via NORAD and as the time got closer, it occured to him that we didn't make cookies for Santa. So he did the next best thing...

Gotta love his creativeness. So Christmas Eve, I'm packed and ready to go. Surprisingly enough, it didn't take me that long to pack and I feel confident that the next day will go well. Santa arrives and we do our holiday thing and head to bed.
The next day...
I wake up and feel that since I did so much the day before that I can afford to relax in the morning. I had to be at the airport around 2:30pm - 3pm so I had plenty of time. Around 11am, I start getting ready...then Jake gets picked up...then my aunt shows up...then I have to pack my carry on.
Packing my carry-on was an adventure all on its own. Lets just say that my persistance to take my pillow and laptop was a blog post on its own that I'll spare my loyal readers. Because of all that and some last minute running around, we left my apartment around 215pm. Luckily, no traffic and a fast check-in allowed me to get back on track.
Finally, I was in the airport and just waiting for my plane to leave. It was a good sign that my flight was listed as early and I was ready to start my adventure.
Europe here I come!

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