Wednesday, December 10, 2008

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

I have something to admit...over the weekend I watched "High School Musical" and whats more is that I LIKED IT! I have to get HSM2 to see if Gabriella and Troy actually get to kiss this time around! I know - the SHAME of it all!!

Now I'm reading Twilight and I cannot believe I got sucked into it so quickly! I'm at the part where Bella meets Jacob and hears "the story". When I'm reading this book, I have this thing in the pit of my stomach of wanting to know what happens. This anticipation to see what happens with Edward and Bella. I can piece stuff together from seeing the film trailer but its just not the same as reading it and letting your imagination go wild. And let me state for the record that in my mind, Edward looks like this:

Sigh...ok back to the point.

My friend remarked about how Twilight reminded her about being in love for the first time and its totally true! Both of these things have reminded me of how it was being a teenager and when even catching a glimpse of that guy you were enamoured with was a great thrill. And then if he talked to you, it was just the greatest feeling. Even getting a hello with your name gave your heart a flutter. I remember being head over heels for this guy in high school and I would time it so I would see him going to one class as I was heading to another. And of course you couldn't do it every day because then it was just needy and stalkerish - but you did it to see him and just put you there with him at the same place and time. Those were the days.

These stories and movies put forth the optimism that the popular guy will pick the new girl or the quiet girl (also seen in Grease and Sixteen Candles) or the hope that some good girl can change the bad boy (Breakfast Club and Dirty Dancing). Its a great expectation to have but its makes you a hopeless romantic that sometimes backfires because no one or nothing will be good enough. I'll admit that I'm one that I wanted my crush to show up somewhere I was "just because he heard I was there" (sigh - Jake Ryan) but I know that I shouldn't have that expectation because I'll always be looking for someone that will never show up.


Wndola said...

Sigh I'll talk to you at the end of book 2 when your glad you grew up. I'll admit it's an addiction, but sometimes a frustrating one.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that your reading Twilight and that your enjoying it! I totally agree with you about the first fleeting flutters of love in High School. This series totally took me back.

Initially I thought Robert Pattison was going to make a horrible Edward for the movie, but after seeing the movie, I think he was absolutely the best to portray Edward. (sigh)I honestly think that they picked the perfect actors for every role in this if they would stop screwing up the casting for New Moon, maybe that one will be good too =(

And just so you know, I'm obsessed with anything Stephanie Meyer has written. (I'm sure you already know this but she wrote The Host too) Evan cracks up cause I'm all about the Twilight Fan sites and he refers to me as the Twihard or the has awesome Twilight stuff and I'm so tempted to but a shirt that says OME! (OH MY EDWARD!) Or the one that says I'M A BELLA WHOSE FOUND HER EDWARD and then get Evan the one that says I'M HER EDWARD.....

I know, I know, I'm such a geek....hahahaha