Monday, December 08, 2008

Missing Some Game

You know - I know I'm not ALL that, but I do have a little somethin'. But as the old saying goes, when it rains it pours.

Today, my coworker and I went to Starbucks for a little afternoon pick me up. As we were standing in line, this guy asks us if he could buy us our coffees. We decline and he insists because he just got a gift card from work and wanted to share. So we said sure and ordered our drinks. I usually order a tall and because its going to be a free drink, I upgrade to a grande. Then my coworker orders her drink and he's telling the cashier to "make hers a venti and give this one an extra shot with extra whipped cream!!". So we are standing there, thanking him for our coffees - he hands his gift card to the cashier and then leans over to ask us where we are from when the cashier says "I'm sorry sir, there is no money on this card"

"What?" - replies the guy.
"I'm sorry sir, there is no money on this card" the cashier repeats.
"But...there is supposed to be $80 on that card!"

At this time, my coworker and I are taking our own money out to pay for the drinks. The guy is standing there saying "Check again! Check again!" and the cashier checks one more time but its the same answer "No money on the card, sorry!" So the cashier takes our money to pay for the drinks and the guy is trying to get a receipt to show there is no money and then...he runs out of the store! No kidding! It was like seeing a little kid realize that he had peed his pants and he was running to go cry to his mommy.

Honestly, this is what it reminded me of...


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Anonymous said...

Totally priceless!! LoL
- Kelena