Monday, December 01, 2008

OK - I Can't Hold It In Anymore!

Christmas Day my ass is on a plane to Germany to see Kostas and meet his family!!!

And if that wasn't enough excitement - I was just asked to pick a city to go visit while I'm there:


Maybe I've lived in Southern California for way too long because its hard for me to conceive that I can travel to another country in less than 2 hours. But now I have to pick between two beautiful cities! I've always wanted to go back to Paris but Venice is Venice!

Ok - I think I know - Venice. But wait...Paris!! No Venice...

DAMN!!! Help?


Kostas said...

Venice !!! :)

Anonymous said...

I say VENICE!!!! Have fun and give Kostas my love!!!
~ Kelena

KarenSeeta said...

You poor, poor thing...


Flip a coin. Heads for Venice and tails for Paris. If you're unhappy with the results of the coin toss, then your true desire is revealed and you still have your answer.