Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunami Tachi Strikes Again...

So I know that my aunt isnt necessarily an unlucky person but funny/strange things happen to us whenever we get together. So after we left and got about 20 minutes out of town - we remember that we left the bread pudding (my mom's famous bread pudding) at home. So we go back and then head out of town again...we hit Barstow where my mouth was watering for an In and Out Burger until I saw the wait - it must have been an hour! So we went to Panda Express. Then started on that long stretch of highway into Vegas. Right before stateline the traffic slowed to a crawl...then I got rear ended. No I didn't get hurt, no there was no damage to the car....the bread pudding however is another story. My mom had it on her lap in the passenger seat and when we got hit - it went flying. We managed to not lose most of it - but the "presentation" obviously went out the window. We were just laughing hysterically and immediately called my aunt to blame her for the whole situation.

So we went to see my brother and had a good time visiting (I kicked ass in Monopoly-woohoo!).

Then on Monday night, I went to Harrah's to meet my friends for dinner. And I pulled into the self parking where they have those security guards checking cars...here is our conversation:

Security guard: Good Evening, Welcome to Harrah's
Me: Hi-Thanks
Security guard: Are you staying with us tonight?
Me: No, I'm just meeting some friends for dinner.
Security guard: Are you a call girl?
Me: (shocked) Uh, no
Security guard: Are you sure?
Me: (still shocked) Uh, pretty sure
Security guard: Just asking, have a good night.
Me: How can I have a good night if you just asked me if I was a prostitute.
Security guard: I never said prostitute, I said call girl.
Me: Same thing! You called me a hooker!
Security guard: No, call girls are business women.
Me: Then why didn't you ask me if I was a business woman?
Security guard: Well have fun whatever you do, have dinner with your friends, win a big jackpot.
Me: Well apparently I would have a better time if I was a "call girl" (and yes I did use the air quotes).
Security guard: Have a good night!

Yeah, I know.

So still no baby.

Still havent seen Ocean's 12

But Amazing Race is on tonight!

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