Friday, December 17, 2004

Honesty is not necessarily the best policy at times...

So the adventures of parenthood brought me to an ethical dilemma this afternoon. Jacob was with me as I was running around doing errands. One of my stops was Hallmark to buy a Christmas card. While I was there he went into the back room where they have those houses on displays (i.e. The Globe Theatre) you know, the real expensive, overpriced ones. So he picked up a little fire engine and was playing with it. I told him that we had to go and to put it back. I turn to walk out when I hear Jacob say "Oh, Mommy, sorry" He broke the little fire truck! So we are the only ones there - I could have very easily but it back...but no I opt to do the right thing (damn that conscious of mine) and pay for it. I get up to the cash register and the little fire truck is $27.50! BEFORE TAX! I was mad. A part of me wanted to hear the woman say - its ok, you dont have to buy it...but nooo! STINKING CAPITALIST! So then she asks me if I wanted to take it home - I say" Damn straight I'm taking it home! I'm going to put it in his memory box and charge him for it when he gets older." Of course when my dad saw it he said he can fix it and he's trying to find some super glue for it now.

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