Saturday, December 25, 2004

Ahhh, Christmas....

So Christmas has come and essentially gone. We do the Christmas Eve by 1am we were done. So we told my son that we had to go hide so Santa could come and delivered the presents. I think I freaked him out. He thought that Santa was basically going to break into the house. I hope I didn't give him a complex - seriously. When "Santa" ho-ho'd as he was "leaving" he started shaking in the bedroom (my cousins and I were in there hiding with him). Anways, he had fun and I believe he expects every house he goes to from now on to have presents waiting for him there from Santa. I realized that the best presents I can get from now on are DVD's. I received Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkiban (completed that collection), The LOTR - Return of the King (the extended version - completed that collection), and Seinfeld Season 3. So my family and I have been glued to the television watching Seinfeld. So sad I know...but you know what - its hysterical and its "quality time".

On a side note - no baby yet. My mom and I are convinced that the baby is a boy and since Sunday is a full moon the baby will be born then - right when we are visiting. I told my sister in law that we were going to pull up a chair and watch the show (she's having a home birth). Screw Penn and Teller.

Back to Seinfeld - I think after this we are going to have to watch some hobbits kick some ass.

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