Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Witty banter between siblings, the Christmas Card Guilt, and THE POWER!

So my brother and I have started to have a conversation of sorts over our respective blogs. He makes comments about what I say and I make comments back to him. We find it to be very funny because we end up calling each other and saying "Did you read what I wrote in my blog about dad? Oh my goodness its so funny - you have to read it!" My dad wants nothing to do with it anymore (Actually, I'm pretty sure he's loving it but playing the grinch just because he can). My brother wrote in his blog that my dad hates Santa because he got an artificial tree. To which my father picked up the phone and defended his love for Santa and explained that getting an artificial tree was a necessity because there are no real trees left in our town. Anyways, the whole Dad hates Santa thing and the impending birth of the new grandchild has made the phone calls between here and there more interesting and fun.

So I started receiving Christmas cards from friends - I'm sorry, I couldn't do the Christmas card thing this year. Only one person is getting a card and its part of the package I sent him for Christmas. For everyone else - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! There I'm done. Damn saved on postage too. So anyways, I started to feel guilty I didnt send any from Jacob and I. My mom sent cards out and wrote our names on them too, so at least I wont be in the dog house with family. Small miracles do happen from time to time.

Lets see - what else is going on. If you are curious about the nativity scandal - its up, the tree is up, and the furniture in the living room has been moved around to accomodate the Christmas theme (not kidding).

Funny how this blog has given me this sense of power. I threatened a friend (well-really how intimidating can you be over email?) that if he was giving me too much tude, well I was going to put it in my blog. Its funny how the little things you feel you want to share with everyone. I know one friend probably reads this as much as she can and laughs at the stupid stuff that happens to me. I miss her a lot (KV). I miss all my friends - but at least this makes me feel a little better that they are reading about the dumb stuff that happens that I'd be telling them over coffee. TANGENT!! Sorry, back to the power thing. This blog is kind of like therapy too. I'm too scared to write anything too "deep" on here though because you never know who is reading it or if you are going to offend anyone - so I might as well just stay to certain things. Sure I can say I dont care - but as well all know I'm not like that. Well for those of you who do know me...those strangers that are reading this because they are browsing through blogs..Hey, how's it going! But really this thing is a bit addictive...something small happens and I want to put it on here...something big happens, I want to put it on here. Actually something big did happen last night but I'm not sure if I should post it yet. I'll think about it. Or you can post comments and let me know if I should or not...yeah that would be fun, start a poll on my blog. How entertaining would that be? I'll post potential titles and then you can all vote for it. Yeah ok - I think thats pushing it. So no LOST tonight (rerun) - so I'm going to do the next best thing, take my son to get ice cream...sure its probably about 45 degrees outside but nothing says winter like a Banana Royale from Baskin Robbins.

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