Sunday, April 10, 2005


So I leave town to try to find a dress for my friend's wedding at the end of the month. So I drive down and the massacre begins. It has been a very wet winter so the flowers are in full bloom...therefore there are bugs EVERYWHERE. My car looks like I went through a bug car wash. So I tried to avoid a piece of tire in the road and my vanilla pepsi goes flying into the floor board of the passenger side. I pull over to get as much of it soaked up, but to no avail - the damage is done. We went to the mall and found a cute top and something for the Jake man, had some dinner at Hooters, and went back to Carol's house. CAROL MADE ME CRY. We watched THE NOTEBOOK - yes I have never seen the movie until that night and I followed her advice and took my contacts out before the movie started. OMG - I have not cried that much since this Hallmark commercial about a neighbor who takes a card to her elderly neighbor. I was weeping people - WEEPING. Thanks a lot Carol...Thanks a lot. My eyes were puffy the next morning and everything. I get ready to leave and when I get in the car...I guess a skunk decided to mark my car as part of its territory - ewwww. So then I go to the Glendale Galleria mall to look again for my dress - mind you I hate shopping - HATE shopping. I ended up buying this perfume that I've wanted for a while now and decided to shell out the money for it. I bought some paella from this kick ass restaurant in Glendale - El Morfi. They serve Paella on Sundays only - paella is various seafood, chicken, and rice...oh so yummy. I brought some back for my parents and they were oh so grateful. I said I have a surprise for dinner, dont make anything and my dad figured it out and they called every 20 mintues to find out where I was. They are so funny.

Time for Arrested Development and Desperate Housewives.

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