Monday, July 17, 2006

Hellish Friday

Hopefully Friday was the last of my bad luck. Friday was the day that I was to clean out the old office and turn it over to the new tenants. I had scheduled a pick up with Out of the Closet thrift stores to come get our old office furniture. After a lot of running around (I had already shown up to the office once), I was set at the office about 12pm to await the arrival of OOTC.

1230pm Andrew shows up.

1235pm he informs me that they are not interested in any of the stuff we want to give them.


He starts to tell me about their "standards" and shit. Ok - with the week I had been having so far, I wanted to beat that man with a broken arm rest from a chair. He leaves, I call my boss and beg for help. I'm supposed to be out of there that day. We end up calling 1800-GOT-JUNK and they got the job done. Let me say, if you are even in a jam, call these guys, they were awesome. OK - enough free advertisement.

After the day was over, I met up with my friend Eddie at a local watering hole for a much needed (and in my opinion, well deserved) beer. I was telling him about my hellish week and after he proceeds to tell me that this bad luck thing is all in my head - the lights in the bar go out. NO LIE! We actually stayed for another hour drinking and we kept laughing at how alkie that was that even though there was a power outage on the block, that didnt stop us. Good times good times.

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huh? said...

You don't have bad luck. You're just cursed.