Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Streak Continues

The end of the day was near - all I had to do was get my car and pick up Jake from school, do one errand for work and that was it.

As I back my car out of the parking spot, I didnt realize that my wheel was turned so far.

Also didnt realize that the other car was crooked.

I did however, realize that the back of my car broke the side mirror of the car. A brand new something or other - it was white I think...still had paper plates, noticed that for sure.

Great, huh!

I left my card with the parking dudes to give to the owner so I can buy them a new mirrow. My luck it will cost like $500.

I need to start purchasing karma at this point. Anyone got some for sale?

1 comment:

mr_g said...

A few months back a yellow pole did something similar to my front fender as I bcked out of a spot. Damn poles...Remember, blame the other guy.