Friday, July 07, 2006 can I put this?

My exciting Friday night consisted of taking Jake to Chuck E. Cheese and making phone calls to people trying to share something so incredibly funny that its beyond words.

I'll try to describe...but no matter what I type, I cannot do it justice.

Jake and I arrived at Chuck E. Cheese's about 7pm after a long week and an even longer day. First of all, I never knew they sold anything other than pizza and the salad bar. I ended up order a hot dog for the kid and I got myself a chicken sandwich. No, thats not the funny part.

After we order our food and find a table, we hit the games. First thing Jacob runs to is one of those video game dance machines - you know the ones that a HUGE craze in Japan. Well there is this guy on the machine.

At first I thought it was odd because
1) he was sort of cute
2) he was about 27
3) he had athletic gear on.

So Jake starts getting on the player one side and the guy tells him that he needs both of them (freak alert! freak alert!). I'm intrigued (in that car accident sort of way). He picks some expert level and goes to town on that machine.

Now - I'm not saying he was good - but I'm wondering why this guy was at Chuck E. Cheese's at 7pm on a Friday night, ALONE.

So he's jumping back and forth, concentrating and dancing his little heart out... then...THEN when he finishes...

The coup d'etat

He whips out the water bottle AND THE TOWEL!!!

I immediately start dialing on my cell phone. I tried talking to people in Spanish trying to tell them what I'm witnessing but I cant - I have to wait until I'm at a safe distance to properly mock this guy.

About 20 minutes later...he's battling an 11yr old.

While Jake and I are eating - I notice that he goes to refill his water bottle from the soda machine and goes to the restroom. Here I thought that he was going to freshen up and go home. Oh no...he does not.

He gets back on that machine and keeps on rockin.

Jake and I leave at 830pm and he was still there.

I totally forgot to ask the hostess if he was there every Friday night - so I can get a group together to see him next week.

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ayatollah charmainey said...

omg... what a catch that guy is!!! lol

there's a new chuck e's near my place. i'm so scared to go in there. the horror the horror!!