Wednesday, July 19, 2006

LA Weekly Is BANNED!!!

You notice a level of quality in candidates depending where you post a job.

As of today - I am not advertising in LA Weekly anymore.

Here are some examples of behavior from my interviews today, remember I grade candidates on appearance, intelligence, and the way you present yourself.

1) Spent 10 minutes inconspicously (or so he thought) trying to open up a mint. Then when he thought I wasnt looking he popped it in his mouth.
2) Had horrible B.O. So horrible that I skipped through certain portions of the interview because I knew he wasnt going to get through me so I can get some fresh air.
3) Forgot to wear her dentures.
4) Spent 45 minutes filling out an application and DIDNT FINISH!
5) When I ask "What did you do from December of 2003 to February of 2004?" got out of his chair to verify the information from the resume and then told me that it was only one month and that he was unemployed. Hmmm... December (1), January (2), February (3) - 3 months man!
6) When asked "Do you have any issues or qualms about getting psychic readings?" The answer was "No, I'm computer savvy"
7) Inquired about his lack of resume - answer "Well, I honestly didnt think I'd need one" After some more discussion about his background I state "See, this is why its a good idea to bring a resume" He blows off my comment and looks at his little cheat sheet card to see what another job was that he worked at and mumbles under his breath, "Damn I have alcohol on the brain."

P/S #1, #6, and #7 was the same person.

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mr_g said...

What do you expect from people who read a free paper? Love the stories, though!!! Amazing what people think is acceptable!