Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All In One Day

Day started out in an interesting manner when the Jakeman decides to tell me that his penis is "getting taller and hurting"

OK - at 730am, what do I do with that?

He's asking me why its happening and what he can do to make it feel better...I seriously dont know what to say. HE'S 4 AND ASKING ABOUT HARD ON'S PEOPLE! I asked him questions that any mother would ask if it was any "injury". Does it hurt when you pee? Does it hurt all the time? Does it get hard at school or only at home. Hell what can I ask? Figured my day couldnt get any "worse" boy was I wrong...

After I dropped Jake at his school and off to work.

Work was busy as usual and I've been trying to catch up on some of my monthly paperpushing duties. About midafternoon someone announces that there is water coming in from the door. The back door near my desk is next to the bathrooms - oh yeah. Pipe burst in the men's room and the water was not only in the hallway but seeping into our suite. Off I go to get papertowels to (try) to block the water from coming in and get the mop to try to get as much of it up. Because I was walking around in the water - I managed to get my shoes and the bottom of my pants wet, then my interview showed up. Greeaaattt. There I sat, in wet shoes and socks. You know when you can feel your socks are wet and there is just not a damn thing you can do about it? Yeah, me during that interview. I wrap it up as soon as possible and when I get back to my desk I opt to borrow my cubby buddy's foot heater. I take my shoes off and try to get my socks to dry. During all this I'm checking my email and find out that someone coming in for a supervisor position decided to take another job offer (bastard!), he was my #1 choice so damn, oh well. Someone comes by my desk and I'm rolling around and end up rolling the chair over my pinkie toe.

Seriously not my day.

Then I get an email that there is a this weird smell by the soda machine (the freaking dreaded soda machine). Since my allergies have kicked it up a notch, I cant smell a thing. I recruit our temp receptionist but nothing again. I get down on all fours to see if something had spilled underneath when a manager and director walk into the area. I seriously have no timing for being found in inappropriate positions at work.

Finally the day is coming to an end and I go to pick up Jake. Last time I was 5 minutes late, they charged me $10 so I was in a bit of a rush to get there. Barely made it - with 1 minute to spare. Then I get on the normal route to get home. God I love having my kid in the car...the conversations, the jokes - the use of the carpool lane. Then as I'm driving down the carpool lane on the 134, a chipper gets behind me and lights me up. I just know that its because he thinks I'm the only person in my car. He forces me to get out of the carpool lane and pulls up next to me and asks me if there is anyone else in the car. I tell him yes (through my closed/broken driver side window). Then he tells me to lower my window. I'm screaming "I CANT! ITS BROKEN!" I'm at a crawl in the regular lane and he's going at my speed in the carpool lane. He asks me again - "ARE YOU ALONE?" I scream back "No! My son is in he car! He's 4 years old!" Now I dont know if he heard me or lost interest but he drove on, and I got stuck in the non carpool lane until the next time the carpool lane opened up.

Time for bed - hoping tomorrow will be better. Probably not since Mercury is back in Retrograde.

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ayatollah charmainey said...

at least you didn't hear "bad day" by daniel powter. that would have sent me over the edge