Thursday, July 06, 2006

I keep forgetting this is Anna's only form of entertainment throughout the day...

Hey Anna...

How are you?

I think I am going to renew my seats - are you still sitting in the same section? Oh yes, we've discussed the "we" factor. I digress.

Been busy today.

Sharpened 40 pencils for the owner of the company and am getting ready to go on a hiring binge for two positions.

The pain in my ass soda machine finally got fixed. I actually hugged it this morning.

I had some pad thai chicken today with some spicy as fuck peanut sauce. You know me - I dont likey the spicy. After the first bite I was waving my hand at my mouth and saying "Hot Hot" but no one cared.

Sucks Blake is back - I'm telling you when his contract is up he's going to announce his retirement. Its like we are the convalescent home for hockey players. They come here to make a nice cushion, conveniently get hurt, get a nice tan, then retire or move on. Fuckers.

I had to run an errand and I saw this tranny that looked like he just gave up on the dressing up thing. He had the high heeled boots, waxed eyebrows, thick lips, but other than that, looked rather homeless. Maybe I shouldnt jest.

I think I killed this new pencil sharpner - its making some weird noise.

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