Monday, January 24, 2005


Man its been a while since I've posted. I guess that reflects how exciting my life has been.

School started - I have already started to procrastinate...I'm right on track.

So I finally washed my car (well went to the automatic car wash) and actually took all the trash out and vacuumed. I father actually touched the floor to see if hell was freezing over - reeeaaall funny dad.

It rained today - so much for my car wash.

I went to see the Aviator - I am cheering for Jaime Foxx to win the Best Oscar for his performance in Ray. I'll be damned if that freaking Leonardo DiCaprio isnt going to give him a run for his money. Holy cow that movie was impressive. Cate Blanchett was unbelievable as Katherine Hepburn. It was really good - really really good. The directing was awesome too - but that whole time you forget you are watching a movie. I can get into this aspect of my review of the film but I doubt most people want to hear me rant about it...wait this is my blog - I can rant about anything I freaking want! Actually, I'm a little tired. I need to finish some reading for my homework and I want to watch Desperate Housewives that I recorded last night since I was out. I'll rant later (see the procrastination comes out here too).

Bowling tomorrow night - I have to remember to buy my coffee before I head over there. Since the caffeine brings my score up. I may need to go from a Grande to a Venti since my game fell off midway through game 2- seriously I dont know if I can handle that much coffee in my system. I'm talking like its freaking steriods or something "Just one more hit man, one more hit...I NEED IT!" I'm so funny.

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