Sunday, January 02, 2005

Its been awhile...


My aunt and cousins came back up for New Year's. We had so much fun (again). This time we didn't want to tempt fate and stayed home as to not to envoke the wrath of my aunt's bad luck.

So still no name on the new nephew. I've decided to take matter into my own hands and just calling him names I'm thinking of. Thursday was Bubba, Friday was Timothy, Saturday was Alex, and today its Rigoberto. Personally I'm voting for Christopher but as I've come to find out my vote doesnt mean much on the subject.

Thats pretty much your update. More to come as the week rolls along.

Monday - I return to work and my regular routine at the gym
Tuesday - bowling starts up again AND USC is playing for the National Championship
Wednesday - the new season of ALIAS starts...WOOHOO!!!
Thursday - I have an exciting day at work planned as I do an orientation all by myself (I feel so grown up!)

Have a good one!

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