Friday, January 28, 2005

Stupid Computer

As we all know, I am not the most technological person around. I learn fast but when it comes to installing or troubleshooting...well its crapshoot. So as you may recall my keyboard was a little sticky. Yes, I said WAS. I bought a new keyboard, I also bought some speakers in hopes to get the sound to come out of my computer, and a webcam. So I changed out the you can tell - its working just fine. I tried to hook up the speakers. I know that the computer is pretty dummy proof when it comes to hooking things up - you know the colored coded thing. I put the blue plug in the blue hole. Nothing. I checked the volume - made sure the volume on the computer wasnt muted (it was) but then again, nothing. I double checked the plug and the whole was not blue but green, found the blue hole - nothing again. I'm thinking its the soundcard. More on that later. So then I opt to install the webcam. I swear that thing took forever. I was chatting on IM with my friend Joel who is a wizard when it comes to these things and he asks me what my system information/speed/memory or something like that. I still havent seen that window pop up and its been an hour. I finally found the information and he told me (basically) that there is no help for my problem and I need a new computer. I felt like taking the tower out back and beating it a la "Office Space". So keyboard works, speakers not working, and webcam working. That my friends was my Friday night.

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